New Music: ‘Pivotal’ by Chughey @itschughey



After years of honing our skills, becoming true professionals, and developing a solid foundation as artists, Me and SkwirllMaster collaborated and give you our debut ep, ‘Pivotal’. This is what happens when two perfectionists come together and spend countless hours on a project seeking the best humanly possible result with the tools at hand. ‘Pivotal’, is filled with six tracks that all sound like they each could be a single; each one paid close attention to detail and making sure it’s the best possible product we could deliver. This is truly a project that you can listen to from front to back without wanting to skip a track and still want to come back for more. It’s a truly a superb product. Completely independent and done in-house Chughey and SkwirllMaster, have created a true piece of art that speaks for itself. Anyone who takes the time to check out ‘Pivotal’ is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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