Cardi B Tries to Overcome Her Fear of Heights During Performance



Cardi B can’t be stopped. She’s topping the Billboard charts, grabbing Grammy nominations and collecting platinum plaques. But if she does have one kryptonite, it’s heights.

Bardi performed early this morning (Dec. 9) at LIV Nightclub in Miami, when she revealed she is not about that standing on tall things life. “Let me tell you something. I’m a motherfucking gangsta, but I’m afraid of heights,” she told the crowd. “So I’ma have this big motherfucker holding my hand ’cause I’m scared,” she added looking down at the crowd.

Cardi’s hulking security guard ended up doing just that, as the rapper powered through her hit, “Bodak Yellow,” and followed up with “MotorSport” and “No Limit.”

It appears Cardi’s muscle is totally back in her good graces after the kerfuffle back in November. Cardi had to set the record straight, after a video surfaced of her appearing to get very agitated when her security guard kept trying to fix her skirt, as she performed a show in Paris. “Dear everybody my security was just trying to look out,” she posted on Twitter, after people made a huge fuss over the footage. “My skirt kept rising up .I got upset is because he put so much force pulling it down I thought I would fall! I love the team of people i work with.”

Check out footage of Cardi trying conquer her fear of heights, via TMZ, below.

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